Tie Dye


From hiking the mountains to the fashion runways the tie dye bandannas are making a statement. Characterized by simple motifs, monochromatic color schemes, and a focus on usability and fashion, the tie dye bandanna is a great accessory.

  • Soft Hand
  • Vibrant Colors
  • 22×22
  • Import & 100% Cotton Bandannas
  • Fashion Oriented
B22TIE-100101 Blue Tie Dye
B22TIE-100102 Yellow Tie Dye
B22TIE-100103 Red Purple Tie Dye
B22TIE-100104 Green Blue Tie Dye
B22TIE-100106 Silver Black Tie Dye
B22TIE-100107 Amethyst Black Tie Dye
B22TIE-100125 Indigo Swirl
B22TIE-100126 Pink Swirl
B22TIE-100127 Reggae
B22TIE-100128 Psychedelic
B22TIE-100138 Strawberry Tie Dye
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